Phil Rudd confident he’ll be back in AC/DC

Posted by on August 10, 2015

In a recent video interview with New Zealand’s TV3 3D, drummer Phil Rudd continues to believe he’ll be back playing with AC/DC one day. As of right now, Chris Slade is behind the kit while AC/DC is out on the Rock or Bust World Tour.

Said Rudd to TV 3:

“Slade! He’s a good drummer, mate. Chris Slade’s a good drummer but I’ve got no idea what he’s doing up there. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. I got nothing against Chris. It’s just he hasn’t got a permanent job. I hope! That’s all.”

He can keep hoping, for sure, but Slade was named the replacement drummer back in February, and with Phil Rudd pleaded guilty to threatening to kill a person back in April, along with drug charges, it sure doesn’t seem likely. But Rudd continues to insist that he’ll be back with the band.

“I’m going to be back. I’ve never been fitter; I’ve never felt better; I’ve never been psychologically or physically in better shape my whole life, and I love playing. I’ve realised who I am and what I can do and I just want a chance to go out there and show everyone who the man is. I’m the man.”

He’s the man, all right. He was arrested again, shortly after his sentencing of eight months of home detention.

(via Billboard)

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