Phil Rudd of AC/DC pleads guilty for threatening to kill man

Posted by on April 21, 2015

One of AC/DC’s most popular songs is “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” a song about a killer for hire. Apparently, drummer Phil Rudd has taken the song entirely too literally, as he pled guilty to one count of threatening to kill his former assistant, as well as two drug charges. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the record shows that Rudd made calls to a colleague asking to have his former assistant “taken out.” Allegedly, he was unhappy when his first solo album, Head Job, flopped, and fired several employees, including his assistant. As the paper says:

On September 25 at 8.12pm Rudd phoned an associate in Australia saying he wanted the victim “taken out”, and “taken care of because they were a bunch of f***en c****.

Rudd then offered the associate $200,000, a house, motorbikes, and cars which the associate believed was payment for the request.

The next day at 8.27am, Rudd called the victim and asked if he was “on today”, the victim said yes at which point Rudd said “I’m going to come over and kill you”.

Rudd made two further calls to the same victim, who hung up after realising it was Rudd.

“The victim was fearful of his safety,” said Crown Prosecutor Anna Pollett.

When police turned up at his house, he was found trying to conceal marijuana, and when searched, meth was found on him. The court case was reduced from two counts of trying to kill to one. Rudd’s attorney said that he’ll appeal the verdict, which he can do in New Zealand court, claiming that everything stemmed from one angry phone call. This could be a pretty epic court case.

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