Phil Rudd arrested (again) shortly after getting sentenced to 8 months house arrest

Posted by on July 19, 2015

Phil Rudd on dock 3Apparently Phil Rudd has accepted the fact that he isn’t returning to AC/DC anytime soon.  Just 10 days into his eight month house arrest sentence, the drummer has reportedly been arrested…yet again.

It’s remains unclear what exactly Rudd (who pled guilty to threatening to kill his former assistant) did to get arrested this time. However, the 61 year old drummer’s lawyer Craig Tuck essentially confirmed that he was arrested Saturday night to Stuff.co.nz. “All I can say is he has been arrested and will be appearing on Monday at 10am in the Tauranga District Court,” said Tuck. “That’s all I can say for now and that’s all I am telling everyone who is calling.” While the Bay of Plenty police declined to add any additional details about the drummer’s arrest, the New Zealand Herald reports that Rudd supposedly had prostitutes at his home at the time of arrest.

As mentioned, this new arrest comes a little more than a week after Rudd had ben sentence to eight months in prison for making death threats against his former assistant, as well as possessing methamphetamine and cannabis. This likely won’t help Rudd’s attempts to appeal his eight month sentence. He of all people should realize that all those dirty deeds won’t end up being so cheap.

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