MetalCaptcha will keep your websites trve kvlt

Posted by on July 29, 2015

The concept of using metal logos for captchas has been around for a while but mainly as a joke, considering every brutal death and black metal take very serious to make their logos painfully unreadable. However, you can now make sure your website is not being used by bots but only by the most kvlt metal fans out there with the new functional MetalCaptcha.

Heavy gifts, a website that sells metal shirts, coffee cups, and the like, decided to make every metal web developer’s dream come true by creating an actual metal captcha for your site, for free.

You can find some easy logos like Anthrax or Benediction but there’s also more challenging ones like Ahumado Granujo or Cephalotripsy so challenge yourself and give it a try.

[via Thenextweb]

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