Are Limp Bizkit going from rap metal to black metal?

Posted by on August 11, 2016

Kvlt Bizkit

The only way to keep up with bands like Limp Bizkit is when something out of the norm happens with them like that prank show they supposedly booked at a gas station in Dayton, OH. Everyone knew that was a prank after the band dispelled the rumors via Twitter, but now it appears the band may be planning to go black metal.

Limp Bizkit’s Facebook page recently updated their profile and cover photos from their usual logo to a more evil, black metal looking one for…no reason at all. It appears that the page has been trying different profile pictures within a few hours, leaving it on the more kvlt version.




We’re debating on whether the page has been hacked or they just decided to put that new logo for the giggles but we just like the idea that Limp Bizkit have been at it for so long that they’re deciding to expand their horizons towards the left hand path. Whatever the case may be, it’s entertaining to imagine Limp Bizkit as a black metal band so, while you wait for their new album Stampede of The Disco Elephants, you can blast some Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water with some blast beats in the back to go with their “new identity.”

limp bizkit black metal logo

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