Photo credit: Jim Louvau


Still, after nearly six years since The Dillinger Escape Plan’s final performance, they remain steadfast in their decision not to reunite despite being offered a significant amount of money to return for gigs such as festival appearances. Frontman Greg Puciato, currently focused on his latest venture, Better Lovers, the rising metalcore outfit, turned down these offers. Notably, Better Lovers recently released their debut album, God Made Me An Animal, featuring former members of Every Time I Die and Fit For an Autopsy’s Will Putney.

Puciato himself has kept busy with an array of projects, including his solo ventures, serving as the singer in Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell’s solo band and projects Killer Be Killed and The Black Queen. Despite the band members exploring diverse musical realms since their 2017 disbandment (Thoughtcrimes, Azusa), the hope for a Dillinger Escape Plan reunion still lingers among fans. Still, they are adamant on an improbable return.


Puciato explained to Revolver on the said unlikelihood reunion: 

“I don’t miss it at all. And I hate to say this, but if we were to get back together, it would be for money. And I don’t fucking want to do that. Every year, all those festivals… they just throw astronomical amounts of money at us to get back together. And it’s never even been something that we even entertain. When Dillinger ended, I thought to myself, ‘OK, I want at least five years,’ and now it’s been six and I can’t imagine it happening within the next five years, even.”