New & Noteworthy is Metal Insider’s weekly column highlighting some of the newest rock and metal releases coming out each week. This week will see heavy new works from Accept, Darkthrone, Inter Arma, Deicide, Full Of Hell, Alien Ant Farm and Black Tusk, the debut of The Smiths bassist Andy Rourke’s final project and a “darker and harder” offering from St. Vincent, as well as new music from Owen, Pet Shop Boys and many, many more. Don’t forget to check out our weekly playlist below. Enjoy!

Release Highlights:

Accept, Humanoid (Napalm):
The German heavy metal veterans release their 17th studio effort, which according to the album description, “deals with topics such as artificial intelligence and how humans’ dependence on technology could gradually rob us of our individuality.”

Alien Ant Farm, ~mAntras~ (Megaforce):
The nu-metal band releases their first album in nearly nine years, a mix of “intricate metal” and “haunting acoustic ballads” the band says “might not be for the faint of heart, but it might be for the heart broken…”

Black Tusk, The Way Forward (Season Of Mist):
The swamp metal band’s seventh studio effort, the first to feature new members Chris “Scary&rdaquo; Adams on guitar and Derek Lynch on bass, offers up a new two-guitar approach to harmonies and vocals from all four members.

Blitz Vega, Northern Gentlemen (FutureSonic/CEN/The Orchard):
The debut album from Kav Sandhu (KAV, Happy Mondays) and late Smiths bassist Andy Rourke’s features some of Rourke’s final recordings, including his collaboration with former bandmate Johnny Marr. (Now Available on May 17th).

St. Vincent, All Born Screaming (Total Pleasure):
Annie Clark goes for a “darker and harder” sound on St. Vincent’s self-produced seventh studio album, which features collaborations with the likes of Dave Grohl, Josh Freese, Cate Le Bon and more.

Editor’s Pick: Hellish Torment, Hellish Torment (Butchered Soul Records):
Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, or Beer City, black metal newcomers Hellish Torment have released their debut full-length record. Their style incorporates black metal with neoclassical and melodic arrangements.

April 26, 2024 Releases:

Owen, The Falls of Sioux (Polyvinyl)
AWOL, Tear ‘Em to Bits (Flatspot / Last Ride)
Pet Shop Boys, Nonetheless (Parlophone)
ACxDC, G.O.A.T. (Prosthetic)
Decide, Banished by Sin (Reigning Phoenix)
Full of Hell, Coagulated Bliss (Closed Casket)
Glassing, From the Other Side of the Mirror (Pelagic)
Inter Arma, New Heaven (Relapse)
Arð, Untouched By Fire (Prophecy)
Darkthrone, It Beckons Us All (Peaceville)
Hacavitz, Muerte (Moribund)
Lee Aaron, Tattoo Me (Metalville)
Ou, II: Frailty (InsideOut)
Six By Six, Beyond Shadowland (InsideOut)
Vesperian Sorrow, Awaken the Greylight (Black Lion Records)
Pentagram (Chile), Eternal Life of Madness (Listenable Records)
Disbelief, Killing Karma (Listenable Records)
Baron, Beneath the Blazing Abyss (Transcending Obscurity Records)
Amiensus, Reclamation: Part 1 (M-Theory Audio)
ClearXcut, Age of Grief (Lifeforce Records)
Tombstoner, Rot Stink Rip (Redefining Darkness Records)
Exhumation, Master’s Personae (Pulverised Records)
ACOD, Versets noirs (Hammerheart Records)
This Ending, Crowned in Blood (Apostasy Records)
Night Hearth, La noche de los sueños perdidos (Demons Records)
Flaming Wrekage, Terra Inferna (Grindhead Records)
Pestilence, Levels of Perception (Agonia Records)
Morgul Blade, Heavy Metal Wraiths (No Remorse Records)
Dolmen Gate, Gateways of Eternity (No Remorse Records)
Srefa, Solstice (Satanath Records)
Darkness, Blood on Canvas (Massacre Records)
Beholder, Dualisme (Avantgarde Music)
Vøidwomb, Spiritual Apotheosis (Avantgarde Music)
Party Cannon, Injuries Are Inevitable (Unique Leader Records)
Tigguo Cobauc, A Fountain of Anguish Is Gone (Trepanation Recordings)
Stormborn, Zenith (Rockshots Records)
The Incantus, The Incantus (Independent)
Orkhys, Legends (Independent)
Enchantya, Symphony of Cerberus (Inverse Records)
Akroasis, Hubris (Doc Gator Records)
Kintral, Kintral (Independent)
Infamous Glory, Algor Mortis (Black Hole Productions)
Haunted by the Aborted, Whorepocalypse (Illyria Music)
In Aevum Agere, Darkness, Then Light (Metal on Metal Records)
Frozen Sun, The Lost Tapes (Emanzipation Productions)
Darghl, Monarch ov Shadowed Horizons (Independent)

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