New & Noteworthy is Metal Insider’s weekly column highlighting some of the newest rock and metal releases coming out each week. This week will see the debut of Jakobs Castle, the return of classic rockers Blue Öyster Cult, Mark Knopfler and James, as well as new works from the likes of Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, Heavenly Blue, SETYØURSAILS, The Cosmic Dead, Heavy Temple, Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties and many, many more. Don’t forget to check out our weekly playlist below. Enjoy!

Release Highlights:

Blue Öyster Cult, Ghost Stories (Frontiers): Continuing to celebrate 50 years in the music industry, the band end’s their recording years with an album full of “reimagined and completed” tracks recorded between 1978 and 2016, some of which feature the band’s original members.

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, Skinwalker (Communion Records): According to frontman Tom Rees, the Cardiff retro-rock band’s second album is about self-exploration.

Mark Knopfler, One Deep River (British Grove/EMI): The former Dire Straits frontman “returns to his roots” with his 10th solo album, his first since 2018.

Heavenly Blue, We Have the Answer (Secret Voice Records): According to the band, the screamo septet’s second album was a “deeply collaborative process where every single member of the group put their whole selves into the music. The result is a statement I feel is deeply personal of what I want out of a record.”

Jakobs Castle (Jakob Nowell), Enter: The Castle (Epitaph): Before heading out on tour with his father’s former bandmates in Sublime, Jakob Nowell releases his debut album as Jakobs Castle. Calling his sound “beach meets internet,” the album blends ska-punk, alternative rock, electropop and power pop.

James, Yummy (Nothing but Love Music): The UK alt-rockers release their 18th studio effort, which Clash Music calls “twelve astute tracks that tackle all manner of themes that tackle everything from AI and ageism to mental life and mortality and everything in-between.”

April 12, 2024 Releases:

Necrot, Lifeless Birth (Tankcrimes)
Setyøursails, Bad Blood (Napalm)
Heavy Temple, Garden of Heathens (Magnetic Eye)
Imminence, The Black (Independent)
Exist, Hijacking the Zeitgeist (Prosthetic)
Melts, Field Theory (Fuzz Club)
Letters Sent Home, Forever Undone (SharpTone Records)
Dog Date, Zinger (Pop Wig)
The Cosmic Dead, Infinite Peaks (Heavy Psych Sounds Records)
Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties, In Lieu of Flowers (Hopeless)
About Us, Take A Piece (Frontiers)
Belmont, Liminal (Pure Noise)
Benighted, Ekbom (Season Of Mist)
King Zebra, Between The Shadows (Frontiers)
Nest, Endeavors (Housecore)
Tarot, Glimpse Of The Dawn (Cruz Del Sur)
Tyr, Battle Ballads (Metal Blade)
The Vision Bleak, Weird Tales (Prophecy)
Vulture, Sentinels (Metal Blade)
Replicant, Infinite Mortality (Transcending Obscurity Records)
Castle Rat, Into the Realm (King Volume Records)
Heleven, New Horizons Part 2 (Art Gates Records)
Mother of All, Global Parasitic Leviathan (Independent)
Whores., War. (The Ghost Is Clear Records)
Love Sex Machine, Trve (Pelagic Records)
Heresiarch, Edifice (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Elk Witch, Azimuth (Majestic Mountain Records)
Walk Through Fire, Till Aska (Independent)
Catalepsia, Pavisam (Cataleptic Undoings)
Sarcasm, Mourninghoul (Hammerheart Records)
Unborn Generation, ...and All We Forget (Inverse Records)
Spit on Your Grave, Arkanum (Concreto Records)
Khirki, Κυκεώνας (Venerate Industries)
Attacker, The God Particle (Cruz del Sur Music)
Mòr, Hear the Hour Nearing! (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions)
Tulpa, Temple of Wounds (Folter Records)
Deathblade, The Degenerate Spawn (Independent)
Shadows of Steel, Twilight II (Metallic Blue Records)
Hypersonic, Kaosmogonia (Rockshots Records)
Deterioration, Paranoia & Violence (Shattered Dreams Productions)
Grind, Grace and Misery (7 Degrees Records)
Karst, Eclipsed Beneath Umbral Divine (Independent)
Tårfödd, Mörker (Independent)
The Acid Machine, Mushrooms (Independent)
Corvus Corone, The Finality of Winter (Independent)
Carve Caustic, Monstrum Vel Prodigium (Independent)
Kiljin, Stone People (Independent)
Lares, Et in Arcadia Ego (Independent)
Karu, Hydra (Independent)
Built to Fall, Broken Asylum (Independent)
Heureka, Rückeroberung (Nrecords)
Martikor, Acedia (Independent)

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