Danny Carey says Tool isn’t a metal band

Posted by on October 23, 2019

According to Classic Rock, the genre of Tool’s music has always been an enigma. We’ve also discussed the mystery behind the progressive metallers’ sound and have considered them as a standalone subgenre. In an interview with Classic Rock, the band decided to dive into the subject of: Is Tool a metal band? According to Danny Carey, he’s never considered them being a metal band.

Read the excerpt below: 

“I don’t think that we were ever a metal band,” says Danny Carey. “I can understand that maybe we’d get compared with Pink Floyd…”

“It depends what you mean by heavy metal,” argues Justin. “I always think that we’re a heavy psychedelic band.”

“Yeah, it’s all about language,” says Maynard. “So were Black Sabbath a metal band?”

Well, er, yeah. Of course.

“Oh, okay. But if Black Sabbath are a metal band, then I guess that we are, too. But when I listen to things like Master Of Reality, I hear sort of heavy political rock’n’roll. I guess I don’t really hear them as heavy metal.”

“Heavy metal just makes me think of Whitesnake,” says Justin.


While we would never compare the group to sounds of Whitesnake, we could possibly categorize them as a heavier Pink Floyd. 


Read the full interview here


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