Babymetal kicked off their US tour last night (8th), and unfortunately, it looks like a lot has changed. While the band have been incredibly active with the announcement of their own label as well as working on new music, it seems they are keeping one important piece of information a secret. During their show last night, Yuimetal was missing as fans witnessed Su-metal and Moametal perform with two unknown backup dancers.

It’s been reported that no one has seen Yuimetal perform with the Japanese pop-metal group since late last year. The last bit we heard about the singer was when she had to sit out during the group’s shows at the Green Arena in Hiroshima, Japan on December 2nd and 3rd of last year due to feeling ill. An announcement hasn’t been made by the band aside from their new cloaked image to showcase “the chosen seven.” The identity of the band’s new guitarist also has yet to be confirmed.

However, Babymetal’s fans have been demanding answers as they started a #WheresYuimetal movement on Twitter.