Philm unleash “Fire From The Evening Sun” from new album

Posted by on September 9, 2014

The title track of Philm’s second studio album, Fire From The Evening Sun, is streaming now at LoudWire, and it’s a beast. Drummer Dave Lombardo says the song is a, “strong example of the bands ability to crush the stale norms.” We won’t argue!

Continues Lombardo:

“You can feel the fearlessness of moving forward, the anger of once being held back, and the release of overcoming all in a furious four minutes. It’s kind of like a resurrection, but with an agitated outcome. Our dislike for formulas brazenly shines in this track. We took this song from a militant vibe, to a feel good classic groove and then hit it with thrash. Expect the unexpected. If you want to hear something familiar, call your mother… you won’t find it here.”

Lombardo, who parted ways with Slayer in 2013 and “won’t ever be going back,” is joined by vocalist and guitarist Gerry Nestler and bassist Pancho Tomaselli. The album, out September 16th, will be released through UDR Music. This is the band’s second studio album since their 2012 album, Harmonic.

Fire From The Evening Sun track listing:

1. Train
2. Fire From The Evening Sun
3. Lady Of The Lake
4. Lion’s Pit
5. Silver Queen
6. We Sail At Dawn
7. Omniscience
8. Fanboy
9. Luxhaven
10. Blue Dragon
11. Turn In The Sky
12. Corner Girl

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