Dave Lombardo plays with the Golden State Pops

Posted by on November 12, 2013

It’s been less than a year since Dave Lombardo was unceremoniously dumped from Slayer after questioning their business practices. And while Slayer continues on with 50% original members, it’s not like Dave is jonesing for work. He played a bit on the new Sepultura album, and in addition to his own band Philm, he recently popped up with the Golden State Pops, playing some movie themes, including the Ghost Rider theme. It’s pretty awesome to see Lombardo sitting in for a few. It doesn’t seem like it’s a sedate orchestra, though. The music is lively, the choir is decked out in with enough makeup that we can only describe them as “Hot Topic Prom,” and Lombardo, playing fast and heavy with a screen up, makes this orchestra downright compelling.There’s even a guitarist next to him!

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