Dave Lombardo on Slayer: “I won’t ever be going back”

Posted by on August 28, 2014

While there’s one obvious reason why there won’t ever be a Slayer reunion, it’s becoming increasigly obvious that Dave Lombardo is in no hurry to return to the band. Ousted last year over bringing up finances, Lombardo seems to be perfectly happy playing with his new band Philm, who have an album coming out on September 16th. Also, Slayer are moving on without him in the studio, with Paul Bostaph playing on “Implode” earlier this year and the band back in the studio now. It was pretty obvious before that he didn’t exactly depart on amicable terms, but in an interview with Metal Hammer, he was asked point blank if he’d ever return.

“No. That’s it. I’m done now.” Is the finality of his response. “I’ve got lots of other things on my plate and I now know that, when it comes to money, you don’t have any friends in this business. I won’t ever be going back.”

Slayer doesn’t seem in any hurry to have him back either. It seems like a business decision, pure and simple. Slayer doesn’t seem to be hurting all that much. While there are plenty of people that are saying “no Dave = no Slayer,” they’ll still probably buy tickets when they come around, and more than likely will give the new album a fair shake as well. That being said, time heals all wounds, and we’re sure if Slayer kept hearing demands to bring Dave back, and it was effecting their bottom line, they might pony up enough to get him back in the band. Doesn’t seem like that’s about to happen though.

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