Mastodon get the dance remix they might not have needed

Posted by on February 12, 2015

As one of the more popular current bands in metal, Mastodon inspire a lot of people. Many of them are inspired to pick up guitars and make some of their own music. Other are inspired to twerk. But more than one time, their music has inspired people to tweak it and make it their own. You’ve heard Feist’s cover of “Black Tongue,” but there are actually dance remixes of their music. A few years back, we let you hear the Troublemaker remix of Crack the Skye‘s opening track “Oblivion.” Now producer Mathias Coutoux and Warmonger have had their way with a track from the band’s follow-up album, The Hunter.

The “Curl of the Burl” remix is basically just an electro verion of the song. Starting with Brent Hinds'”oooah oooah”s that are in the chorus, then taking the bass, guitar, and drums out and replacing them with synths and a beat. It’s pretty literal in terms of the song structure, and it’s not bad at all, it just kinda… is.

[Via Metal Sucks]

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