We’ve known that Mastodon were coming out with a video for “The Motherload,” a highlight of Once More ‘Round the Sun. Over the weekend, they released several stills from the video. Then yesterday, a brief snippet of the video, which featured a woman twerking in slow motion, made us wish it was Monday already. The video’s finally out, and it’s as bizarre as promised. The conceptual parts of it are sepia-toned, and yes, feature plenty of twerking, much of it in slow motion. Considering that the dance movement started in the dirty south, it makes sense that the dirty southerners in Mastodon might want to appropriate it for the video. The women in the video probably were making it clap before Miley Cyrus was born, which doesn’t make it any less compelling. It also features footage of Mastodon playing, which is something that usually doesn’t happen in their music videos. Eventually, the girls make it to where the band’s playing, it explodes into color and some kaleidoscopic twerking happens. Bravo, Mastodon.