Fans were very excited when Lamb Of God’s Mark Morton and Devildriver’s Dez Fafara revealed last Fall that they’ve been working on a new project together. At the time, neither Morton nor Fafara knew exactly when we’d get to hear their collaboration. Last night, though, Morton gave everyone their first taste of his work with Fafara via two free downloads.

In addition to giving away free downloads of songs called “Dust” and “Nowhere Fast” via his Twitter account, Morton also revealed details about the project they’re calling Born Of The Storm. As it turns out, drummer Kevin Talley (Six Feet Under, Daath, ex-Chimaira) played drums on both demos, while Alabama Thunderpussy guitarist Ryan Lake plays the first solo on “Nowhere Fast.”

And after listening to the two demos, it’s safe to say that both Morton and Fafara have kept to their word about Born Of The Storm sounding very little like their other groups. The songs definitely have a hint of Badmotorfinger era Soundgarden with a heavy dose of Down. However, what might surprise fans the most is hearing Fafara singing with clean vocals on both tracks. With that said, the two demos sound pretty awesome and we’re looking forward to hearing more from the project.

It’s still unclear when exactly more music or a full album from Born Of The Storm will come out. And considering how busy both Morton and Fafara are with their day jobs, it still could be a little longer of a wait. But for now, download “Dust” and “Nowhere Fast” and enjoy.