If you constantly checked your favorite musicians’ profiles on Twitter this past weekend, then you may have been the first to learn about a new supergroup. Both Lamb Of God’s Mark Morton and Devildriver’s Dez Fafara have confirmed via the social network site that they are working on a new project together.

The Lamb Of God guitarist was the first to break the news via the following tweet:

“So, its still totally off the radar, but @evilriver & i have been writin a bunch of KILLER tunes! Not sure when or where it’ll come to lite.”

In response to a fan’s inquiry, Morton added the following in two separate posts:

“@MauroCinicolo we wrote some songs…that’s “happening”. No plans beyond that currently. : )

@MauroCinicolo actually, the songs we’ve written aren’t really “metal” at all. they’re not wut most people would expect. We’re havn fun”

Morton also revealed that the project’s influences are  Circus Of Power…Trouble…and a tiny little bit of Jimi Hendrix,” while Fafara added that it sounds like Circus Of Power meets Badmotorfinger era Soundgarden.

Fafara posted a series of tweets via his account on Saturday (September 10) as well to not only further explain his new project with Morton, but to also address a few rumors that have popped up recently. Here are those tweets (starting with this one) combined into one statement:

“Let me address some issues that have come up – words taken from short blurb interviews or twitter accounts .——–

1.NO DevilDriver is NOT taking any Prolonged break – in FACT we are booking through late FEB 2013 ! And are already writing for a new Record That DD will begin working On late next year!

2.I did SAY I would ( Entertain ) the thought of doing some COAL CHAMBER shows- Exactly That-”SOME” Shows – that doesn’t mean Anything but just that SOME shows should opportunity present itself !

3.Yes Mark Morton and I do have about 14 Songs Done or Sketched out it’s been work in progress for over 4 years and no it doesn’t sound at all like DD or LOG and like MARK said He himself ( Does NOT ) Know when or where it will see the light of day as it’s been a very PERSONAL work in progress and MARK is in full Control of WHEN or WHERE it will be heard – Except for our close friends that have been hearing it for years now. Hope this clarifies things”

So there you have it: not only will the material sound less like their previous groups, but it’s also something Morton and Fafara have been working on for quite a long time. We for one can’t wait to hear their collaboration. Though it’s still unclear as to when this project will actually see the light of day (as both point out), chances are that it’ll still be a while seeing how busy both Devildriver and Lamb Of God keep them. However, it’s a safe bet that we’ll hear this material before we’ll ever see Coal Chamber onstage again.