It’s a Day to Remember for August Burns Red

Posted by on June 26, 2015

With two songs out already, August Burns Red have debuted another track from their upcoming album, Found In Far Away Places, which comes out next week. “Ghosts,” the third song to be release from the new album, features Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember on vocals.

In an interview with The Aquarian back in March, Guitarist JB Brubaker took a swipe at “boring metalcore bands” when talking about their new album.

“The goal is to continue to set ourselves apart from the pack of mediocre and boring metalcore bands. I know that sounds sort of mean or pompous, but anyone who claims this genre to be creative and moving forward obviously hasn’t spent much time within it. We aren’t trying to reinvent the metalcore genre, but we certainly aren’t interested in sounding like the latest wave of bands.”

August Burns Red released “The Wake” back in April, and a twangy “Identity” in May. The band is currently out on Warped Tour, ready to promote their seventh studio album, which is available now for pre-order on iTunes.


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