On Saturday (10), Five Finger Death Punch played the inaugural Rock Allegiance Festival in Philadelphia suburb Chester, PA. As they went into their final song and first single “The Bleeding,” singer Ivan Moody went on a rant about social media by something that had nothing to do with social media: rapper Kanye West:

“Let’s make one more statement, right now! Fuck Kanye West! Yes, I fucking said it and I don’t regret it”

From there, he started talking about how social media has been eating him alive lately, and that things have been said about him that were completely untrue. He then blamed it on 12 year-olds in their basements masturbating and popping zits. Sure, that happens, but what Moody is probably referring to is his ex-girlfriend, who accused him of spousal abuse (and also of being married to him). His sister also allegedly filed a restraining order against him. Butthose were reported not by a 12 year-old in his parent’s basement, but TMZ. As noted by Metal Sucks, which is where we heard about this, he doesn’t give any particular explanation as to why he’s not a Kanye West fan. This is probably the last we’ll hear of it though, since FFDP probably isn’t even on Kanye’s radar.