It’s not unusual to see a band slap their name on beer, wine, coffee, or even energy drink products. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see a band release their own line of barbeque (after all, metal heads do love to cook and grill). So naturally when you think of a metal barbeque sauce, you think of…Bring Me The Horizon?

Apparently some fans do, because the UK metalcore group is selling their own line of BBQ sauce via their online webstore. UK fans can either pre-order a single 12oz. (o.35L) bottle of the “Bring Me The BBQ” sauce, or can purchase a bundle package that includes a t-shirt (as seen up top). On the order page, the band claims that “This 100% natural sauce is ‘so good it makes dogs fart.’” We guess the tag lines “So good it’ll make you start a riot onstage,” or “As good as attempting murder while posing as the singer” didn’t fly by the band.