Most metal fans that watched The Great Food Truck Race probably had two thoughts go through their heads while viewing the Food Network series:

1) Yeah! A metal-themed burger truck called Grill ‘Em All! I hope they win!

2) Damn, those burgers look delicious, but I’m not in L.A., where they’re based. Waaaah….

In October, metal and burger fans in New York were given a chance to sample the wares of Grill ‘Em All, who ultimately won the contest. The guys from the truck (minus the truck), showed up for a “Victory Lap,” where they did 8 kitchen takeovers in four days, serving up burgers like the Waste ‘Em All and the Behemoth. The first event they showed up at, however, was Metal Insider’s CMJ party, which also served as a release party for metal cookbook Mosh Potatoes. In fact, not only did they hang out at the party with author/compiler Steve Seabury, but our party also served as an unveiling for the truck’s own BBQ sauce, Grandma’s Mosh Pit BBQ Sauce.

The guys documented their trip to the big apple in four segments of a reality show-style series called “Victory Lap,” and Metal Insider is proud to premiere episode 1. Check it, since it’s the closest you’ll get to Grill ‘Em All in the near future without being in L.A.