Apparently Bring Me The Horizon got more than they expected for in Salt Lake City, Utah last night (October 3). The incident started when a group of hecklers started to throw items at the band during their set. When singer Oli Sykes called the hecklers out and threw water on them, a group of the rowdy members made their way onto the stage and attacked the band. Video of said altercation has been posted online and can be seen up top.

According to one YouTube video’s description, a few of the hecklers made it on stage while the rest started fights in the audience. While the band members themselves actually fought back at points (one of the guitarists reportedly slammed his guitar on one of the attackers), the band was supposedly unharmed. After returning to their bus for a bit, the band returned onstage to finish a mini set.

We may not be the biggest fans of Bring Me The Horizon, but no band should have to be subject to such attacks. If you really aren’t a fan of a band’s music, then why buy a ticket just to heckle them and risk the safety of a few fans who actually want to be in attendance? Fortunately no one in the band or audience was seriously injured (or at least that we know of at this moment).

More fan filmed footage of the assault can be seen after the jump. Bring Me The Horizon’s last date of their current tour with Parkway Drive, Architects, Deez Nuts, Of Legends, and On Broken Wings is tonight (October 4) at the House Of Blues in Las Vegas. 



[via The PRP and Blabbermouth]