It’s been an odd week for Bring Me The Horizon’s Oliver Sykes. The British singer got in a bit of a scuffle onstage with some rowdy hecklers (though Sykes downplayed the incident in a posting on his blog) the other day in Utah. While a group of audience members attacking you onstage isn’t anything to take lightly, the actions of one fan might be of more concern to Sykes.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, a 20 year old British McDonalds employee was arrested for the attempted murder of a young American woman. Supposedly the two met via Facebook, where David Russell, the attempted murderer, posed as the Bring Me The Horizon singer. After the victim traveled to Northampton to meet who she thought was Sykes back in April, Russell brought her to Harlestone Firs forest where he blindfolded her, slit her throat, and repeatedly stabbed her. However, the victim was able to escape and receive medical attention.

Additional evidence has shown that Russell searched the internet for subjects such as “how kill someone with bare hands” and “how to cut skin with a knife” the day prior to the victim’s arrival. The Northampton Crown Court has sentenced Russell to serve no less than 17 and a half years in jail (after which he may be considered for parole).

As the headline in Sykes’ brief blog post about this story says: “Holy Shit!”