Roadrunner Records Confirm Gojira Signing

Posted by on November 8, 2011

Yesterday, it was leaked that Gojira had signed a new recording contract with Roadrunner Records. While Spin Recording Studios (where Gojira is currently working on a new album) let the news slip via Facebook, there was still no confirmation. Well that’s no longer the case, as it’s now been confirmed that Roadrunner will release the French metal group’s fifth studio album.

Gojira vocalist/guitarist Joe Duplantier, who also recorded bass for Roadrunner act Cavalera Conspiracy’s first album Inflikted, had the following to say about the band’s new label home:

“We are so stoked to walk with the legendary Roadrunner. We discovered Sepultura, Machine Head, Death, Fear Factory and so many other great bands thanks to these guys. Roadrunner has been a great source of inspiration for us as metal fans. It’s an honor to be part of this family today as a band. We feel we’ll get the right support at the right moment in our career.  We cannot wait to release our new record and get back on the road.”

Roadrunner Senior VP of A&R Monte Conner added the following:

“I’ve been a huge Gojira fan ever since their monumental From Mars to Sirius album and have been actively pursuing them ever since. I am thrilled to finally be welcoming them to the Roadrunner family. Gojira are one of the best bands in metal today, with a sound and style all their own. Their live shows are unreal, from the level of playing, to the intensity, to the Godzilla like stomp that hits you in the chest.”

The band also confirmed that Duplantier will be co-producing the new album, due out in the Spring of 2012, with Josh Wilbur (Lamb Of God). While it’s unclear as to how or when exactly Gojira’s Sea Shepherd EP will be released, it’s a safe bet that it’ll also be via Roadrunner.

As we previously said, this is a pretty big move for both Roadrunner and Gojira (who recently became free agents after their contract with Prosthetic Records ended). The French metal band is unquestionably one of the hottest rising groups to come out of the underground scene, and a push from a major indie like Roadrunner could go a long way for them. The signing also gives Roadrunner a little extra metal cred (sure, they’ve got bands like Devildriver and Megadeth on their roster, but Nickleback still leaves a sour taste in many fans’ mouths).

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