Deftones cancel date after Chino breaks foot

Posted by on May 2, 2017

If you planned on going to to last night’s Deftones show in Cologne, Germany, you were probably disappointed upon finding out that the show was cancelled. The reason? frontman Chino Moreno broke his foot. How did it happen? That hasn’t been revealed. Maybe he jumped wrong and shoved it shoved it shoved it the wrong way? At any rate, without going into details, here’s what the band posted yesterday: 

Hey Koln-

Regretfully, we have to cancel our show tonight due to Chino breaking the top of his foot. He needs to stay off it for the next day or two. No other shows as of now are in jeopardy of being cancelled. We hope to make it back soon to perform for you again. In the meantime, all tickets will be refunded. Thanks for your understanding.


The band is secheuled to play Paris tonight and tomorrow. We’ll see if they wind up postponing or cancelling those dates as well. Worst (or best) case scenario, Dave Grohl has a throne that he seems to be ok lending out

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