Dave Grohl was super high when he designed his touring throne

Posted by on July 6, 2015


Dave Grohl’s got another confession to make: He was “high as a kite” when he designed the throne that he’ll be touring with for the Foo Fighters shows. As everyone on the internet knows by now, Grohl shattered his leg last month, but soldiered on with his July 4th show in a custom-designed throne that he played from, as if he wasn’t already viewed as rock royalty. During the show, while playing an acoustic version of “Big Me,” Grohl spoke of the mishap, stating that when he designed the throne “I was high as a kite” on Oxycontin when he came up with the initial design, which he shared with the audience. While “lasers and shit shooting from the top” didn’t actually come through, much of his other design did. Once again, it’s Dave’s world, we’re just living in it.


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