Metal and food go together like, well, metal and booze. With establishments like Kuma’s Corner and Grill ’em All and web series like Vegan Black Metal Chef and Taste of Metal, the crossover is strong. Hell, even Chopped mainstay Chris Santos has his own label via Metal Blade, which is a big part of why Candiria is signed to the label. 

It’s from this that new web series Snacking For Vengeance emerges. Created and produced by publicist and chef Chris Pacifico and Frank Huang, who’s Max Volume Silence Live (formerly Pit Full of Shit) shoots countless NYC metal shows, the series is part cooking show, part interview show. With bands talking about eating on the road, guest chefs, and recipes based on the bands’ hometown fans, bands including Royal Thunder, White Widows Pact, Mutoid Man, Sannhet and Pyyrhon dig into food created for them. Here are some of the recipes they’ll be showcasing:

– The White Widows Chop (White Widows Pact) 
– Rocky Mountain Rancor (Havok) 
– The Shitbird (Pyrrhon) 
– Brimstone and ATLFire Chicken N’ Waffles (Royal Thunder) 
– Sonoran Destroyer Dog (Gatecreeper) 
– The Inter Parma (Inter Arma) 
– Mutoid Manwich (Mutoid Man) 
– El Castigador (The Punisher) Arepas (Primitive Weapons) 
– So Numb Tacos (Sannhet) 
While the show itself won’t premiere until later this year, you can see a trailer below, and it’s soft premiere will be coming up this Thursday at the 2017 HOVO Festival at 6pm before Gatecreeper’s set. The first 100 people there will get a mini Sonoran Destroyer Dog. Go here for more info, and follow the dudes on Facebook here.