Neil says so, but his latest actions lead us to believe differently. Just a month after serving 10 days of a 15-day jail sentence for DUI, a battery report was filed against the Motley Crue singer this past Thursday night (March 24) for an alleged altercation with ex-girlfriend Alicia Jacobs. According to TMZ, reports claim Neil got physical and screamed obscenities at Jacobs during Hal Sparks’ comedy show at the Las Vegas Hilton. Neil was gone from the scene before police arrived.

While Neil has claimed since that he never touched her and may even file charges himself, Jacobs claims that there is video of the incident and that ten others reported that Neil left a bruise on her. Jacobs, who works as a TV reporter in Las Vegas, said the following via a statement:

“It was a very shocking incident. I wish I knew what prompted his anger, but I have no idea. Vince’s decisions continue to concern me. I really hope he can move forward and find peace in his life.”

Las Vegas Sun writer John Katsilometes, who was with Jacobs when the incident happened, reported the following to the paper, saying:

“Neil shouted [Jacobs] down, saying he was upset with her and everyone at the table for the unflattering media coverage he’d received as his conduct was being witnessed by concerned hotel guests at places like, well, the Hilton.”

In addition, comedian Hal Sparks confirmed to radio station Mix 94.1 that Jacobs was visibly bruised, and added the following:

“What goes through your head that goes, ‘I’ll show them, I’ll walk into the middle of the show where they’re in the audience, yell (expletive), poke them both and walk out.’ What kind of drunk logic is that? If you’re going to be a real (expletive), don’t do it in public.”

Neil and Jacobs had been dating each other prior to his recent DUI, but broke up last week. Jacobs went even further to show her support for Neil by interviewing the singer for KSNV after his recent stint in jail before the two split. Guess things went downhill from there. While we want to hold off on taking sides in the issue, Neil’s made it pretty easy for us to doubt him. We’ll keep you posted if more develops.