Still Think Your Sentence Was Harsh, Vince Neil?

Posted by on February 28, 2011

Last week, Vince Neil claimed in an interview that he believed his recent prison sentence for a 2010 DUI to be “a little harsh.” Yes, because 15 days in prison and another 15 days under house arrest for a repeated DUI offender is too harsh. Well, if you’re like us then you’ll be disgusted to hear that after only spending 10 out of 15 days of his sentence in prison, Neil has been released from jail. TMZ reports that the Motley Crue killer singer checked out of the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas towards the end of last week and has started his house arrest.

So it’s bad enough that Neil’s original sentence was so low to begin with, especially considering how his first DUI actually killed someone, but now he doesn’t even serve the entire time?! Yeah, cause that’s surely going to teach Neil a lesson: do what you want, and in the worst case scenario you’ll get a small sentence that you’ll only serve some of.

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