Vince Neil Reaches New Level Of Douchiness

Posted by on February 22, 2011

Oh Vince Neil. Motley Crue’s legacy speaks for itself (especially their first two albums), but pretty much anything its frontman does lately tarnishes the band’s legacy a little more. Currently serving a scant 15 day sentence for being caught while drunk driving, the vocalist granted an interview to the Las Vegas Sun a week before he went in the slammer. “They were a little harsh in the sentencing,” Neil told the paper. A little harsh in the sentencing? 15 days for drunk driving on the way home from the Daytime Emmy Awards? Are you fucking kidding me? I think a more appropriate sentence would have been 24 years. One for each year that Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley lived before Neil killed him in a drunk driving accident in 1984.

It’s bad enough that Neil hasn’t learned his lesson. Motley Crue has made enough money over the years that he should hire a driver if he’s gonna drink. But he also says in the interview that his rock lifestyle is winding down after being with Motley Crue for 30 years. Apparently, it hasn’t wound down enough for him to not be a 50 year old asshole driving drunk. Of course he also trots out the sob story about his daughter Skylar, who died of cancer when she was 4, and as sad as that is, he can’t be held accountable for that. He can be held accountable for Razzle’s death, but the only sadness he expresses about that is that his past might have factored into his cakewalk jail sentence. When he gets out, he plans on playing a handful of terrible solo shows before joining up with the Crue again for another world tour. It’s obvious he’ll learn nothing from this sentence, so we wish nothing but the worst  for him while he’s in there.

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