New & Noteworthy 3/18/22 – 4/15/22: Lost in new music

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New & Noteworthy, Metal Insider’s weekly column highlights some of the newest rock and metal releases coming out each week. This week, we’re catching up with April 15th through March 18th 2022’s releases, which features new music from Darkher, Animals As Leaders, Undeath, Dark Funeral, and more. For previous releases you can read here, and don’t forget to check out Metal by Numbers. Be sure to follow us on Spotify to get this month’s New & Noteworthy Playlist, updated every Friday with the newest metal releases. 


April 15:

Abstracted, Atma Conflux (M-Theory Audio)

Adamantis, The Daemon’s Strain

Aeon of Awareness, Wairua

Alunah, Strange Machine (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Analepsy, Quiescence

Anubis, Eternal Youth, Eternal Night

Atoll, Prepuce

Axel Rudi Pell, Lost XXIII (SPV/Steamhammer)

Crisix, Full HD

Darkher, The Buried Storm (Prophecy)

DeVicious, Black Heart (Pride & Joy)

Incandescence, Le coeur de l’homme

Manegarm, Ynglingaättens Öde (Napalm)

Monuments, In Stasis (Century Media)

Nazareth, Surviving The Law (Frontiers)

Nonsun, Blood & Spirit

Obsidian Shrine, Bloodshed Under the Black Star

Poison Rose, Little Bang Theory (Frontiers)

Quemasantos, Quemasantos

Ronnie Romero, Raised On Radio (Frontiers)

Semblant, Vermilion Eclipse (Frontiers)

Silent Vanity, Acoustic Wisdom

Sleepless, Host Desecration

Solus ex Inferis, Exogenesis

Stone Broken, Revelation (Spinefarm)

These Arms Are Snakes, Duct Tape & Shivering Crows (Suicide Squeeze)

Unbenign, Unbenign

Viande, L’abîme dévore les âmes


April 8:

Abysmalist, Vile Possession

Acidez, In Punk We Thrash

Angel Nation, Antares (Inner Wound)

Atlantis Chronicles, Nera

Bellgrave, Back as King

Bjorn Riis, Everything To Everyone (Karisma)

Black Swan, Generation Mind (Frontiers)

Blood Torrent, Void Universe

Chloranthy, Solace in the Arms of Thy Beauty

Decasia, An Endless Feast For Hyenas (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Destruction, Diabolical (Napalm)

Diminished Empires, The Dawn of Failure

Egor Lappo, Naturealism

Envy Of None, Envy Of None (Kscope)

First Signal, Closer To The Edge (Frontiers)

Fortune, Level Ground (Frontiers)

From Those Ashes, Contagion

Hallas, Isle Of Wisdom (Napalm)

Health, DISCO4 :: PART II (Loma Vista)

Heidra, To Hell or Kingdom Come

Incite, Wake Up Dead (Atomic Fire)

Inglorious, MMXXI Live At The Phoenix (Frontiers)

Kaamos Warriors, Spirit from the Void

Linda Lindas, Growing Up (Epitaph)

Lux Incerta, Dark Odyssey (Klonosphere/Season Of Mist)

Marrasmieli, Martaiden mailta

Mors Principium Est, Liberate The Unborn Humanity (AFM)

Mortal Hatred, Odyssey

Pact, God Only Knows

Papa Roach, Ego Trip (New Noize)

Quasimodo, Cancer City

Rejuvenation, Crystalline

Saints ‘n’ Sinners, Rise of the Alchemist

Saphath, Ascension of the Dark Prophet

Terzij de Horde, In One of These, I Am Your Enemy

This White Mountain, The Final Sorrow

Tome of the Unreplenished, Earthbound

Tool, Fear Inoculum Vinyl Re-Release (RCA)

Treat, The Endgame (Frontiers)

Truth Decayed, Faded Visions I

Vermörd, Nostalgic Predictions

Winter in Eden, Social Fake


April 1:

Aldo Nova, The Life And Times Of Eddie Gage (Self)

Ancient Settlers, Our Last Eclipse

Bhleg, Fäghring (Nordvis)

Black Death Cult, Diaspora (Profound Lore)

Carpenter Brut, Leather Terror (Universal)

Centinex, The Pestilence (Agonia)

Coffin Nail, Years of Lead

Corpseweed, Griefscapes

Dreamtale, Everlasting Flame

Empyrean Eclipse, The Grandeur of Despair

Evil Invaders, Shattering Reflection (Napalm)

Firmament, The Ætheric Pathway

Golgothan Remains, Adorned in Ruin

Grillfeast, Kamikazonauts

The Hellacopters, Eyes Of Oblivion (Nuclear Blast)

I Klatus, Targeted

Kublai Khan TX, Lowest Form Of Animal (Rise)

Lifvsleda, Sepulkral Dedikation

Lords Of The Trident, The Offering (Self)

Meshuggah, Immutable (Atomic Fire)

Misfire, Sympathy For The Ignorant (MNRK Heavy)

My Hollow, Fighting the Monsters

Nekrodeus, Asbest

Nekrogoblikon, The Fundamental Slimes And Humours (Self)

Ouranos, Voir la lumière

Pattern-Seeking Animals, Only Passing Through (InsideOut)

Priests of Prometheus, Hazardous Cycle

Purgatory, Apotheosis of Anti Light

Ramp, Insidiously

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Unlimited Love (Warner)

Satan, Earth Infernal (Metal Blade)

The Spirit, Of Clarity and Galactic Structures

Trick or Treat, Creepy Symphonies

Violet Blend, Demons (Eclipse)

Wolf, Shadowland (Century Media)


March 25:

Abbath, Dread Reaver (Season Of Mist)

Absent In Body, Plague God (Relapse)

Animals As Leaders, Parrhesia (Sumerian)

Architects, For Those That Wish To Exist At Abbey Road (Epitaph)

Astral Tomb, Soulgazer

BillyBio, Leaders And Liars (AFM)

Bomber, Nocturnal Creatures (Napalm)

Capricorn, For The Restless (Wild Kingdom)

Carnage of Children, Darkness Within

Carnareum, Ikaros

Confidential, Devil Inside

Crystal Viper, The Last Axeman (Listenable)

Danas Rising, Morgengrauen

Desolate Shrine, Fires of the Dying World

Devoid of Life, Embracing Emptiness

Dreamer, Tahta Hitam

Emissary, The Wretched Masquerade

Falls of Rauros, Key to a Vanishing Future

Falamh, Aeons Effigy

Father Befouled, Crowned in Veneficum

Grand Harvest, Consummatum Est

Hardcore Superstar, Abrakadabra (Self)

Heltekvad, Morgenrødens Helvedesherre

Ignite, Ignite (Century Media)

Incite, Wake Up Dead

Keops, Road to Perdition

Killing Joke, Lord Of Chaos (Spinefarm)

Kvaen, The Great Below

Lost Tribes of the Moon, Chapter II: Tales of Strife, Destiny, and Despair

Luzifer, Iron Shackles

Machine Gun Kelly, Mainstream Sellout (Bad Boy/Interscope)

Michael Romeo, War Of The Worlds, Part 2 (InsideOut)

Mind Imperium, Nemesis

Mortify, Fragments at the Edge of Sorrow

MWWB, The Harvest (New Heavy Sounds)

Necrom, All Paths Are Left Here…

The Nest, Her True Nature

Night Demon, Year Of The Demon (Century Media)

NightWraith, Offering

Nite, Voices Of The Kronian Moon (Season Of Mist)

Olm, Omstændigheder

Placebo, Never Let Me Go (Rise)

Reckless Love, Turborider (AFM)

Redshark, Digital Race

Scorn, Winds of Torment

Shards of a Lost World, Parafer

Soul Glo, Diaspora Problems (Epitaph)

Spiral Skies, Death Is but a Door

Superdeathflame, Dead Is Dead

Svartsot, Kumbi (Mighty)

Thanateros, On Fragile Wings

Vinegar Hill, Earthbound

Virocracy, Ecophagia

Wasted, The Haunted House

Witchpit, The Weight Of Death (Heavy Psych Sounds)


March 18:


Aeviterne, The Ailing Facade (Profound Lore)

Agathodaimon, The Seven (Napalm)

Aktarum, Trollvengers (Art Gates Records)

Black Fucking Cancer, Procreate Inverse

Catacomb, Back to Unknown Kadath

Chip Z’Nuff, Perfectly Imperfect (Frontiers)

Corporate Death, IV (Rapture Records)

Cult of the Night, Dance of the Witches (Unsigned)

Dark Funeral, We Are The Apocalypse (Century Media)

Divided by Design, Irretraceable Steps (Unsigned)

Eric Wagner, In The Lonely Light Of Mourning (Cruz Del Sur)

Extinction A.D., Culture of Violence (Unique Leader Records)

Final Cry, The Ever-Rest (MDD Records)

FM, Thirteen (Frontiers)

Friends Of Hell, Friends Of Hell (Rise Above)

Frostmoon Eclipse, Rustworn (Immortal Frost Productions)

Gauntlet Rule, The Plague Court (Target Records)

Grave Noise, Roots of Damnation (Art Gates Records)

Hellfrost And Fire, Fire, Frost And Hell (Transcending Obscurity)

Hell In The Club, Kamikaze 10 Years In The Slums (Frontiers)

Hell Militia, Hollow Void (Season Of Mist)

Hot Water Music, Feel The Void (Equal Vision)

Hyperia, Silhouettes of Horror

The L.I.F.E. Project, Big F.O.U.R. (Blood Blast)

Manigance, Le bal des ombres

Matriphagy, Prelude to Evisceration

Moonlight Haze, Animus (Scarlet)

Mount Saturn, O, Great Moon

Night Crowned, Rebirth of the Old

Playgrounded, The Death of Death

Powergame, Slaying Gods

Robert Rodrigo, Brainstorming

Shewolf, Shewolf (Frontiers)

Shining Black, Postcards From The End Of The World (Frontiers)

Slaegt, Goddess (Century Media)

Stabbing Westward, Chasing Ghosts (COP International)

Steelballs, The Neverending Fire

Suffer in Silence, Obscurity

Trench, Encased In Chrome (New Damage)

Tyr, A Night At The Nordic House  (Metal Blade)

Without Waves, Comedian (Prosthetic)

Zwaard, Bloed en wijn


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