New & Noteworthy: The Impera of new music – 3/11/2022

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New & Noteworthy, Metal Insider’s weekly column highlights some of the newest rock and metal releases coming out each week. This week, we’re catching up with March 11th through February 11th 2022’s releases, which features new music from Ghost, Crowbar, Corpsegrinder, Amorphis, and more. For previous releases you can read February 4th’s New & Noteworthy, and don’t forget to check out Metal by Numbers. Be sure to follow us on Spotify to get this month’s New & Noteworthy Playlist, updated every Friday with the newest metal releases. 


March 11th:


Brandon Boyd, Echoes And Cocoons (Wit/The Orchard)

Latest solo offering from the Incubus singer. 

Music Videos: Pocket Knife,” “Dime in My Dryer




Dead Lord, Dystopia EP (Century Media)

A continuation to the Swedish hard rock outfit’s 2020 full-length, Surrender

Music Videos: Sleeping My Day Away (D-A-D cover)




E-L-R, Vexier (Prophecy)

Sophomore album. Swiss post metal.

Music Videos: “Opiate The Sun”





Ghost, Impera (Loma Vista/Concord)

Fifth album. Sweden. Rock.

Music Videos: “Call Me Little Sunshine”





Haunted Shores, Void (3Dot)

Sophomore album led by Mark Holcomb and Misha “Bulb” Mansoor. Progressive metal.






KISS, Off The Soundboard: Live In Virginia Beach (UMe)

Live recording from the soundboard during KISS Rock the Nation Tour in Virginia Beach, VA on July 25, 2004.






Konvent, Call Down The Sun (Napalm)

Sophomore album. Denmark. Doom/death metal. 

Music Videos: “Harena,” “Grains,” “Pipe Dreams”





Messa, Close (Svart)

Third album. Italy. Doom metal. 

Music Videos: “Pilgrim”





New Horizon, Gate Of The Gods (Frontiers)

Debut album from vocalist Erik Grönwall and songwriter/producer/multi-multi-instrumentalist Jona Tee, former bandmates in H.E.A.T.

Music Videos: “Stronger Than Steel,” “Event Horizon”




Rust N’ Rage, One For The Road (Frontiers)

Music Videos: “Prisoner,” “Heartbreaker,” “The Future Is For The Strong”





Shaman’s Harvest, Rebelator (Mascot)

Seventh album. American. Hard rock.

Music Videos: “Under Your Skin”





Syk, Pyramiden (Housecore/Nuclear Blast)

New album from the Italian avant extreme metal outfit.

Music Videos: “The Child’s Prophecy of Floods”





Vanir, Sagas (Mighty)

Sixth album. Denmark. Folk metal. 

Music Videos:Dødsfærd,” “Day of Reckoning,” “Black Clad”




Wolves At The Gate, Eulogies (Solid State)

Fifth album. Cedarville, Ohio. Post-hardcore. 

Music Videos: “Peace That Starts The War,” “Lights & Fire,” “Lowborn”




March 4th: 


10 Years, Deconstructed (Mascot)

The follow-up to 2020’s Violent Allies features 19 alternate takes to celebrate the band’s 20-year career. 

Music Videos: “The Unknown (Alternate Take),” “Wasteland (Alternate Take)”





As I May, Karu (Uprising)

Third album from these Finnish modern melodic metallers. 

Music Videos: “High Octane,” “Charged”





Crowbar, Zero And Below (MRNK Heavy)

Twelfth full-length effort from the New Orleans’ sludge metal legends.

Music Videos: “Chemical Godz,” “Bleeding From Every Hole”





The Defaced, Charlatans (ViciSolum)

Fourth album from the Sweden thrash metal outfit.

Music Videos: “Bleeding Ore”





Deserted Fear, Doomsday (Century Media)

Fifth album from the German death metallers. 

Music Videos: “Part of the End,” “Follow the Light That Blinds,” “Reborn Paradise”





Endtime, Impending Doom (Heavy Psych Sounds)

New album from the stoner rockers.

Music Videos: “Harbinger of Disease”





The Flower Kings, By Royal Decree (InsideOut)

Sweden. Progressive rock. Fifteenth studio album.

Music Videos: “Revolution,” “A Million Stars”





Godless Truth, Godless Truth (Transcending Obscurity)

Fifth album. Czech technical death metal.

Music Videos: “Scissors”





Hath, All That Was Promised (Willowtip)

New Jersey progressive blackened death metal. Sophomore album.

Music Videos: “Kenosis,” “Lithopaedic” 





Kuolemanlaakso, Kuusumu (Svart)

Fourth album, Finnish death/doom. 

Music Videos: “Katkeruuden malja,” “Tulessakävelijä,” “Surusta meri suolainen”





Kris Barras Band, Death Valley Paradise (Mascot)

New album from the British rockers.

Music Videos: “These Voices,” “My Parade,” “Who Needs Enemies” 





Marillion, An Hour Before It’s Dark (earMusic)

Twentieth studio album from the British rock legends. 

Music Videos: “Murder Machines” 





Midnight, Let There Be Witchery (Metal Blade)

Fifth full-length album from the Cleveland, Ohio black/speed metal outfit.






Parham Gharavaisi, The Roundest Cube (self)

Sixth full-length album from the Iranian melodic gothic doom metal act.






Sabaton, The War To End All Wars (Nuclear Blast)

Tenth studio album from these Swedish power metal historians.

Music Videos: “Hearts of Iron,” “Far From The Fame,” “The Unkillable Soldier,” “Soldier of Heaven,” “Race to the Sea”





Sanhedrin, Lights On (Metal Blade)

Third full-length from the Brooklyn metal trio.

Music Videos: “Lost At Sea”





Sylvaine, Nova (Season Of Mist)

Fourth album from the Norwegian multi-instrumentalist. 

Music Videos: “Nova,” “Nowhere, Still Somewhere”





Ty Tabor, Shades (Rat Pak)

Eleventh solo album from the acclaimed King’s X guitarist, songwriter, and co-vocalist.

Music Videos: “Sister Genocide”





Vein.FM, This World Is Going To Ruin You (Closed Casket)

Sophomore album from the hardcore punk band from Boston, MA. 

Music Videos: “The Killing Womb,” “Wavery”





Vio-Lence, Let The World Burn (Metal Blade)

Oakland thrashers’ upcoming EP will mark the first piece of new music since 1993’s full-length, Nothing To Gain

Music Videos: “Let The World Burn,” “Flesh From Bone”





Warpath, Disharmonic Revelations (Massacre)

Seventh album from the German thrashers.

Music Videos: “Parasite,” “Resurrection”





Warrior Soul, Out On Bail (Livewire/Cargo)

Latest album from the New York alternative metal outfit. 





February 25th:


Abraham, Debris De Mondes Perdus (Pelagic)

Fourth album from the Swiss post metal act.

Music Videos: “Verminvisible”





Allegaeon, Damnum (Metal Blade)

Sixth album from the Colorado technical melodic death metal band.

Music Videos: “Into Embers,” “Vermin,” “Of Beasts and Worms”





Artisan, The Stain of Life (SubLevel Records)

Long awaited debut album from the California metal band combining thrash, prog and death.

Music Videos: “The Sickness,” “Vindication Mine”





Bad Omens, The Death Of Peace Of Mind (Sumerian)

Third album from the Richmond, VA metalcore group.

Music Videos: “The Death of Peace of Mind”





Blood Incantation, Timewave Zero (Century Media)

New EP from the Colorado death metal outfit. 





Bloodstained Ground, Horrors of a Withered Dimension (Independent)

Third album. Switzerland. Melodic death metal. 

Music Videos: “Manger of Time”





Brood of Hatred, The Golden Age (Gruesome Records)

Third album. Tunisia. Progressive death metal. 





Catabolic, Besiege the Uncivil (Wormholedeath )

Debut album. Finland. Death metal/grindcore.

Music Videos: “The Onager”





Ceremonial Castings, Our Journey Through Forever (Eisenwald)

Eleventh album, Washington. Symphonic blackened death metal

Music Videos: “Midnight Deathcult Phenomena,” Desecration of Grace”





Cobra The Impaler, Colossal Gods (Listenable)

Debut album. Group was founded by Tace DC (ex-Aborted, Hæster, Horses on Fire)  in Gent, Belgium. 

Music Videos: “Blood Eye” “Scorched Earth”





Corey Taylor, CMFB…Sides (Roadrunner)

B-sides from the Slipknot/Stone Sour singer’s debut solo album.

Music Videos: “On The Dark Side”





George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, Corpsegrinder (Perseverance)

Debut solo album from the Cannibal Corpse frontman.

Music Videos: “Acid Vat,” “Crimson Proof”





Deathbell, A Nocturnal Crossing (Svart)

Second album. France. Doom metal.

Music Videos: “The Ladder,” “The Stronghold and the Archer”





Deathhammer, Electric Warfare (Hells Headbangers Records)

Fifth album. Norway. Thrash metal. 

Music Videos: “Thirst For Ritual,” “Rapid Violence”





D’Virgilio, Morse & Jennings, Troika (InsideOut)

Debut album. The group is the collaboration between Nick D’Virgilio (Big Big Train, ex-Spock’s Beard), Neal Morse (Transatlantic, NMB), and Ross Jennings (Haken, Novena)

Music Videos: “Everything I Am,” “Julia,” “You Set My Soul On Fire”





Eight Bells, Legacy Of Ruin (Prophecy)

Third album from Portland, Oregon’s experimental metal outfit.

Music Videos: “Nadir,” “Destroyer,” “The Well”





Embryonic Devourment, Heresy Of The Highest Order (Unique Leader)

Fourth album. California. Brutal death metal.

Music Videos: “Manipulation of the Senses,” “Never Ending Human Misery”




Fall of Stasis, The Chronophagist (Independent)

Debut album. Montreal, Canada. Black/folk metal. 

Music Videos: “The Cult”




Firebreather, Dwell In The Fog (RidingEasy)

Third album. Sweden. Stoner/doom metal.





Grailknights, Muscle Bound for Glory (Intono Records)

Sixth album. Germany. Melodic death/power metal.

Music Videos: “Bound for Glory”





Gutrectomy, Manifestation of Human Suffering (Amputated Vein Records)

Second album. Germany. Brutal deathcore.

Music Videos: “Shrine of Disgust”





HammerFall, Hammer Of Dawn (Napalm)

Twelfth studio effort. Sweden. Power metal.

Music Videos: “Hammer of Dawn,” “Brotherhood”





Hebosagil, Yossa (Svart)

Fifth album. Finland. Thrash/sludge.






Metal Cross,  Soul Ripper (From The Vaults)

New album from the Denmark heavy metallers. 

Music Videos: “The Drone,” “Distasteful Party”






Mountaineer, Giving Up The Ghost (Lifeforce)

Fourth album. Oakland, CA. Post Rock. 

Music Videos: “Twin Flame,” “Bed of Flowers”






Scorpions, Rock Believer (Spinefarm)

Nineteenth album from the German rock legends.

Music Videos: “Rock Believer,” “Peacemaker,” “When You Know (Where You Come From)”






Serious Black, Vengeance Is Mine (AFM)

Germany/Austria/Czechia. Sixth album. Power metal. 

Music Videos: “Out of the Ashes”





Shape Of Despair, Return To The Void (Season of Mist)

Fifth album. Finland. Funeral Doom.






Svartsot, Kumbl (Mighty)

Filth album. Denmark. Folk metal.

Music Videos: “Drømte mig en Drøm”





Thurston Moore, Screen Time (Southern Lord)

Official release for the instrumental album.





Tragedy of Mine, Aeon (Out of Line Music)

Sophomore album. Germany. Metalcore/melodic death metal.

Music Videos: “Hollow,” “Sacrifice”





Venator, Echoes from the Gutter (Dying Victims Productions)

Debut album. Austria. Heavy metal. 






X.I.L, Rip & Tear (Confused Records)

Debut album. San Antonio, Texas. Speed/heavy metal. 






February 18th:


Annihilator, Metal II (earMusic)

Re-imagined album of  2007’s Metal. Canada. Metal. 

Music Videos: “Couple Suicide,” “Romeo Delight”





Archvile King, À la ruine (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions)

Debut album. France. Black/thrash metal.






Ard, Take Up My Bones (Prophecy)

Debut album. UK. Doom metal. 

Music Videos: “Take Up My Bones,” “Burden Foretold,” “Banner of the Saint”





Asgaard, What If… (WormHoleDeath)

Seventh album. Poland. Symphonic gothic/black metal. 






Asiwyfa, Jettison (Equal Vision)

Ireland. Post rock.






Askalaphos, March of the Damned (Born For Burning Productions)

Debut album. Greece. Black metal.






Black Map, Melodoria (Minus Head)

Fifth album from the post-hardcore Califorinia supergroup.

Music Videos: “Chasms,” “Witching Hour,” “Left For Dead” 





Bunuel, Killers Like Us (Profound Lore)

Third album from the avant-garde noise rock/metal four-piece.

Music Videos: “When God Used A Rope”





Dagoba, By Night (Napalm)

Eighth album. France. Groove/industrial metal.

Music Videos: “The Last Crossing,” “City Lights,” “On the Run”





Devoured Elysium, Void Grave (Coyote Records)

Second album. Turkey. Brutal death metal. 






Espirit D’Air, Oceans (Starstorm Records)

Sophomore album. Japanese metal and electronicore band based in London.

Music Videos: “Tsunami,” “The Abyss” 





Fostermother, The Ocean (Ripple)

Sophomore album. Houston, Texas. Doom metal. 

Music Videos: “Sunday,” “Redeemer,” “Hedonist,” “Seasons”





Glasya, Attarghan (Scarlet)

Sophomore album. Portugal. Symphonic metal.

Music Videos: “From Enemy To Hero,” “Journey to Akhbar” 





Goodbye June, See Where The Night Goes (Earache)

Third album. Nashville. Rock.

Music Videos: “See Where The Night Goes,” “Three Chords”





Immolation, Acts Of God (Nuclear Blast)

Eleventh album. New York. Death Metal.

Music Videos: “Apostle,” “Blooded,” “The Age of No Light”





Jonas Lindberg And The Other Side, Miles From Nowhere (InsideOut)

Progressive rock.

Music Videos: “Oceans of Time,” “Why I’m Here,” “Secret Motive Man”





The Last Of Lucy, Moksha (Transcending Obscurity)

Sophomore album. Huntington Beach, CA. Progressive Death.





Lord Agheros, Koine (My Kingdom)

Sixth album. Italy. Ambient black metal.

Music Videos: “The Walls of Nowhere,” “..Of May,” “Hold The Line”





Lunar Blood, Twilight Insurgency (Pulverised)

Debut album. New Jersey. Black/death metal.






Manic Sinners, King Of The Badlands (Frontiers)

Debut album. Romania. Hard rock.

Music Videos: “Drifters Union,” “Under the Gun,” “Carousel”





Matt Pike, Pike vs. The Automaton (MNRK Heavy)

Debut album from the Sleep/High on Fire mastermind.

Music Videos: “Alien Slut Mum,” “The Automaton”





Mordenial, To Heaven Below

Third album. Sweden. Melodic death metal. 






The Neptune Power Federation, Le Demon De L’Amour (Cruz Del Sur)

New album from the Australian fuzz metal band.

Music Videos: “My Precious One,” “Emmaline”





Nightrage, Abyss Rising (Despotz Records)

Ninth album. Greece. Melodic death metal.

Music Videos: “Abyss Rising,” “Falsifying,” “Nauseating Oblivion” 





Pure Wrath, Hymn To The Woeful Hearts (Debemur Morti)

Third album. Indonesia. Atmospheric black metal.






Re-Machined, Brain Dead (Pride & Joy)

Second album. Germany. Heavy metal.





Rot TV, Tales Of Torment (Tee Pee)

Debut album. Australia. Rock supergroup. 

Music Videos: “Ready To Die”





Spirits Of Fire, Embrace The Unknown (Frontiers)

Sophomore album. Heavy metal.

Music Videos: “Into the Mirror”





Star One, Revel In Time (InsideOut)

The latest from Arjen Lucassen’s (Ayreon) Star One project.

Music Videos: “Revel In Time,” “Lost Children of the Universe”





Veonity, Elements Of Power (Scarlet)

Fifth album. Sweden. Power metal. 

Music Videos: “Dive Into The Light”





February 11th:


Amorphis, Halo (Atomic Fire)

Fifteenth album. Finland. Melodic heavy metal.

Music Videos: “The Moon,” “On The Dark Waters”





Author & Punisher, Kruller (Relapse)

Latest from the industrial doom and drone metal project.

Music Videos: “Drone Carrying Dread,” “Incinerator” 





City Of Lights, Before The Sun Sets (Frontiers)

Debut album by new melodic hard rock collaboration.

Music Videos: “Heart’s On Fire,” “Heat of the Night”





Cult Of Luna, The Long Road North (Metal Blade)

Eighth album. Sweden. Post-metal.






Degreed, Are You Ready (Frontiers)

Sixth album. Sweden. Rock. 

Music Videos: “Into The Fire,” “Falling Down”





Eddie Vedder, Earthling (Republic)

Third solo studio album.

Music Videos: “Brother The Cloud,” “Invincible,” “Long Way





Girish And The Chronicles, Hail To The Heroes (Frontiers)

Third album. Indian Hard rock.

Music Videos: “Hail To The Heroes,” “Primeval Desire,” “Love’s Damnation”





Hangman’s Chair, A Loner (Nuclear Blast)

Sixth album. France. Gothic/doom metal.

Music Videos: “Loner,” “Who Wants to Die Old”





Lionville, So Close To Heaven (Frontiers)

Fifth album. Italian. Melodic rock.

Music Videos: “Cross My Heart,” “True Believer”





Mariangela Demurtas, Dark Ability 

Debut solo EP from the Tristania singer. 

Music Videos: “City”





Napalm Death, Resentment Is Always Seismic – A Final Throw Of Throes (Century Media)

EP following-up to 2020’s full-length, Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism from England’s grindcore masters.

Music Videos: “Resentment is Always Seismic”





Near Death Condition, Ascent From The Mundane (Unique Leader)

Fourth album. Switzerland. Death metal.





Nervochaos, All Colors Of Darkness (Emanzipation)

Tenth album. Brazil. Death metal.

Music Videos: “Golden Goblet of Fornication,” “Beyond The Astral”





Night Cobra, Dawn Of The Serpent (Irongrip/High Roller)

First album. Houston, Texas. Heavy metal.

Music Videos: “Mortal Danger,” “The Neuromancer’s Curse” 





Once Human, Scar Weaver (earMusic)

Third album. Los Angeles, CA. Heavy metal.

Music Videos: “Scar Weaver,” “Erasure,” “Cold Arrival,” “Only In Death,” “Deadlock”





Shield of Wings, Unfinished (Independent)

Debut album. Chicago. Symphonic/gothic metal.

Music Videos: “Crushing Hall,” “Wetland”





The Silent Wedding, Ego Path (Independent)

Third album. Greece. Power metal.

Music Videos: “Caught in the Web,” “Time of Darkness”





Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators, 4 (Gibson)

Fourth Album. Read our review here.





Ten, Here Be Monsters (Frontiers)

Fifteenth album. English melodic hard rock.

Music Videos: “Hurricane,” “Miracle of Life”





Tersivel, To The Orphic Void (Uprising)

Third album. Argentina. Doom metal.

Music Videos: “Weeping Iron Tears,” “The Ferryman”





Tugt, Ved lysets ophør (Onism Productions)

Debut album. Denmark. Black metal.





Voivod, Synchro Anarchy (Century Media)

Fifteenth album from the Canadian metal giants. 

Music Videos: “Syncro Anarchy,” “Paranormalium,” “Planet Eaters,” “Sleeves Off”





WAIT, The End of Noise (The Artisan Era)

Debut album. Baltimore, Maryland. Progressive death metal.





Zadra, Guiding Star (Frontiers)

Debut album from the new band centered around Los Angeles based singer and guitarist, August. 

Music Videos: “Nothing More To Say,” “Rise From the Fire”





Zeal & Ardor, Zeal & Ardor (MVKA)

Third album. Swiss avant-garde metal.

Music Videos: “Golden Liar,” “Run” 






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