Bands like KISS, Motörhead, Ratt and many others all have their line of wines. So given how eager they’ve been recently to slap their name on almost any product, is it at all surprising that a Slayer-themed wine will be hitting the market soon?

Well according to Swedish business site Dagens Media, start-up company Brands For Fans is teaming up with Slayer to do just that. The Red Cabernet Sauvignon, being called Reign In Blood, will first be exclusively sold in Sweden as part of a test launch. “The demand has been enormous; we never expected it to be quite like this. Given the reactions, there seems to be a lot of SLAYER fans out there. Especially the response we have received from Finland, which has a lot of metalheads,” claims Brands For Fans founder Sari H Wilholm.

But is a Slayer theme wine really that great of an idea (we always thought of Slayer as Jagermeister consumers, while Jeff Hanneman seems to have a preference for a certain beer )? According to Wilholm, the answer is yes because “I think people understand that Slayer would never sell their name without having been involved throughout the process and having tried and approved the product. That kind of commitment, I think, is different from other artists who release similar products.” Apparently Wilholm has never seen Slayer’s candy jar or socks.

But hey, maybe the Reign In Blood wine is exactly what the Slayer fan needs. Think about it, you’re already getting cozy with that special someone underneath a Slayer blanket with the hope of using one of these. Wouldn’t a specialty wine make that night even more romantic for the hardcore Slayer fan? Well, unless you’re in Sweden, it’ll probably be awhile till you get to try the wine anyway. More information about Slayer’s Reign In Blood wine can be found over at Brands For Fans’ website.