Not too long ago, we listed the top five most bizarre products to have Slayer’s name on it. Well, if we had waited just a few weeks, this clothing item likely would’ve been named number 1 on that list.

Our buds at Metal Sucks discovered that Slayer’s webstore is currently selling a pair of black socks with the band’s red eagle logo woven in.  A pair of these bad boys will cost you $22.99. That’s right, twenty three bucks for a pair of socks that have Slayer’s logo on it. Because after spending $90 on a Slayer blanket, you want something to keep your feet warm at night, right?

All we can really say is…really? Is a Slayer t-shirt really not enough to let others know “Hey, I love SSSLLLAAAYYYEEEERR”? If the answer is no, then head over to Slayer’s webstore now to buy yourself a pair of expensive socks. Just don’t expect to use your Slayer condoms anytime soon.