Nothing Says “Cozy” Like A Pair Of Slayer Socks

Posted by on March 15, 2012

Not too long ago, we listed the top five most bizarre products to have Slayer’s name on it. Well, if we had waited just a few weeks, this clothing item likely would’ve been named number 1 on that list.

Our buds at Metal Sucks discovered that Slayer’s webstore is currently selling a pair of black socks with the band’s red eagle logo woven in.  A pair of these bad boys will cost you $22.99. That’s right, twenty three bucks for a pair of socks that have Slayer’s logo on it. Because after spending $90 on a Slayer blanket, you want something to keep your feet warm at night, right?

All we can really say is…really? Is a Slayer t-shirt really not enough to let others know “Hey, I love SSSLLLAAAYYYEEEERR”? If the answer is no, then head over to Slayer’s webstore now to buy yourself a pair of expensive socks. Just don’t expect to use your Slayer condoms anytime soon.


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