Listen to a new Iron Maiden song… next week

Posted by on August 7, 2015

We’re now less then one week away from a new Iron Maiden album. The Book of Souls will give you more Maiden than you know what to do with, given that it’s their first-ever double album. And after a teaser that was essentially guitar solo on top of guitar solo, We now know when we’ll be hearing our first taste of a whole song from the album. “Speed of Light” is coming one week from today, Friday, August 14. It’s pretty unprecedented in 2015 for the veil of secrecy to remain over a high-profile project, with the album coming out in four weeks, it’s pretty awesome to think that we’ll only have one song three weeks out. It’s presumably the song that’s in the teaser trailer, but the new one they posted doesn’t even contain any music, just the name of the song and a push to their YouTube channel. Might they be debuting a video for the song alongside the  track itself? we’ll find out soon enough. Like maybe a week.

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Posted by Iron Maiden on Friday, August 7, 2015


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