Ask Asking Alexandria what they’re doing in June

Posted by on April 5, 2017

It’s been a turbulent year for Asking Alexandria, and with Danny Worsnop back in the band, it looks like they’re making moves. Although the last time we heard from Worsnop, he was focusing on his country solo album and We Are Harlot instead of anything with Asking. However, a few weeks later, he appears to have changed his tune, as he and the rest of the band have announced something’s happening on June 1st.

What could it be? Possibly a new song, as Ben Bruce says that a whole album was written and ready to be recorded last month. Maybe it could even be a song from The Black, last year’s album, with Worsnop in place of their last vocalist Dennis Stoff. If they want to go about things the wrong way, then maybe they’ll surprise-release an album. Then again, June 1st is a Thursday, so it’s not even like it’s a day when new albums come out.  If you’re a fan, you’re excited. If not, June 1st is, well, just June 1st.


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