Asking Alexandria apparently have whole album written

Posted by on March 22, 2017

It’s been an interesting year for Asking Alexandria. Vocalist Danny Worsnop, who’d been in the band from 2008 to 2015, returned to the band, replacing Denis Stoff, who’d recorded one album with them, last year’s The Black. This change came just as Worsnop was preparing to release a solo country album (which he did last month). Deciding to waste no time, apparently the band has written an entire new album, that they’re prepared to record and release later this year. Guitarist Ben Bruce said in an interview that 2017 was going to be an active year:

“The whole album’s written and it is ready to be recorded properly and then we have some huge touring opportunities in the works that we’re working on right now. It’s going to be exciting.”

He also answered in the affirmative when asked by the interviewer if the album would be released this year. While that’s noble and good that the band want to move on and put the Stoff era behind them, they don’t appear to have consulted Worsnop. In an interview a few weeks ago with Metal Wani, Worsnop also says he’s going to have a busy year, but doesn’t mention anything about Asking Alexandria, focusing more on his solo album and his other band, We Are Harlot:

“I’m gonna be touring [in support of the solo album]. I just shot four new music videos, and they’re gonna be coming out. Tour as much as possible. I have two movies coming out this summer, one of which I’m writing all music for, so I’m in the middle of writing that still. There will be a point where I fly out to finish up [the second WE ARE HARLOT album], which I’m very excited about. We’re ten songs into that already. Then… What’s after that? More touring. Just touring this record as much as possible.”

It seems like the band should probably get on the same page, as a lack of communication may have led him to leave the band the first time. At any rate, you can look forward to a new Asking Alexandria album some time this year…. or not. 

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