Dream Theater To Let Fans Look Into Their Drummer Audition Process

Posted by on April 18, 2011

Nobody knows how to drag out suspense like Dream Theater does. They do so through their music, so why not through major news regarding the lineup as well?

We’ve been hearing rumors as to who Mike Portnoy’s replacement in Dream Theater will be for a while now. But all we’ve been able to get out of the band is that a drummer indeed has been chosen (just no name). However, it appears that the wait may finally be close to an end as the band has announced plans to give fans an “exclusive look” into the band’s audition process, which included extensively jamming with several drummers throughout a three day process.

Fans have been told to go to DT’s Facebook fan page on April 21 (Thursday) at 11 am to sign for a mailing list. From there, they will receive more details regarding this “intimate” look into the auditions, as well as details about when/how the actual announcement regarding their new drummer will be made. The band also promises that information regarding the band’s upcoming 2011 world tour will be made via Facebook as well.

Obviously, we’ll keep you updated when more is revealed.


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