Did AC/DC give Brian Johnson the boot? Jim Breuer says so [UPDATED]

Posted by on March 15, 2016

ACDC Johnson and BreuerFans are still shocked by the news that AC/DC had to postpone tour dates in light of Brian Johnson’s hearing problems. Even more of a surprise is that AC/DC might even tap guest singers for the rescheduled tour, as doctors have ordered Johnson to take a break from touring. However, is it possible that Johnson’s condition isn’t as bad as it’s being reported, and that AC/DC are simply using this as an excuse to “kick him to the curb”? Well, according to Jim Breuer, that’s what’s happening.

Neither AC/DC or Johnson have spoken publicly about the matter since the original announcement. However as reported by CantonRep.com, Breuer (who in addition to doing an awesome impression of the AC/DC singer is actually a collaborator and good friend of his) claims during an episode of his “The Metal In Me” podcast (which can be streamed below) that the singer was blindsided by the news of the tour postponement and was essentially given the boot.

During the podcast, the comedian recalls spending time with Johnson at his March 11 comedy show at Sarasota Florida’s McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre and hearing what went down straight from him. According to Breuer, while the doctor Johnson met with recommended he not continue with the indoor tour, Johnson was going to try and make the tour happen anyway. He further claims that Johnson reached out to AC/DC management and Angus Young to explain as much.

“[Brian] said that he called and let them know, ‘Hey, this is what the doctor said, but let’s try to figure this out. I don’t think it’s as bad as he said it is,’” said Breuer. “Literally the next day in the press, it was ‘Brian Johnson, tour canceled, he’s losing his hearing… He said he just called and gave that information. He didn’t say he wanted to quit. He didn’t say he was done. He called with that information, and two days later, he read in the papers and heard on Twitter and everywhere else, ‘Brian Johnson going deaf canceling tour.’ A day later, and it was, ‘Oh, we’re gonna have guest singers.’” Breuer also revealed that “all his luggage that he ever toured with showed up in his driveway,” and that Johnson has yet to receive a call back from the band.

Breuer also claims that Johnson suspects that AC/DC already has a hired “guest” singer. Apparently a big part of this is that Young (who is seven years younger than Johnson) is determined to keep the band alive for another ten years. “He’s convinced Angus wants to continue the next ten years whether it’s him or not,” claims Breuer about Johnson’s thoughts on the matter. “[Angus] wants to write another album and do one more tour. Who’s filling those shoes? How do you do that after forty years? It’s just really weird.”

Granted, if any band can prove that they can find success with a replacement singer, it’s AC/DC. But it seems really hard to believe that AC/DC would be so eager to replace such a prominent member as Johnson (who’s been in the band for over 35 years since replacing Bon Scott). Then again, this past few years have found the rock icons moving on without guitarist Malcom Young (Angus’ brother, mind you) and drummer Phil Rudd, though each had particular major reasons for their absence. Plus, legend had it that both Angus and Malcom aren’t very warm to anyone who isn’t named Young (and allegedly almost fired Scott after an overdose occurred in 1975).

Listen to Breuer  recall his recent chat with Brian Johnson in the stream below. Either way, one thing is for sure: AC/DC won’t be tapping the comedian as a guest singer.


UPDATE: It seems like Breuer was forced to do some backpedaling on that statement and decided to clear things out a little bit more via Facebook, after every news outlet pointed at him about this:

I have seen some stories circulating about my podcast. As a friend, I saw Brian withdrawn for the first time in my life….

Posted by Jim Breuer on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

In reality, there isn’t that much of a change after this, except for maybe the tone and intention of what he claims AC/DC decided to do with Johnson, because the idea of having guest vocalists to complete their tours scheduled for later this year are still in place and the decision seems very thought-out for being that sudden. We’ll just have to see what happens.

[via Blabbermouth and Ultimate Classic Rock]

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