Car racing, not AC/DC, caused Brian Johnson’s hearing loss

Posted by on March 8, 2016

ACDC rock the blues away 306Right now, the world is coming to terms with the fact that we might have seen AC/DC’s last-ever show with Brian Johnson in the band. Bands postpone dates all the time, but the mention that the band’s dates will be made up later this year “likely with a guest vocalist” is certainly cause for concern. Total hearing loss is serious business, and with AC/DC as one of the loudest rock bands touring, it could be assumed that the band is what’s led to his hearing loss. That isn’t exactly the case, though.

Johnson appeared on the Howard Stern Show last year and spoke about his love for racing, saying that’s what caused an eardrum to burst:

 “I’ve got hearing loss in my left ear,” he told Stern” [But] I didn’t get it from music. I got it from sitting in a racecar for too long without ear plugs. I heard my eardrum burst because I forgot to put my plugs in under my helmet. That’s how it happened.

“Music had nothing to do with it … I was dizzy, my middle ear had gone, and I took my helmet off and there was blood coming out and I’d burst my eardrum.”

Without Johnson and Malcolm Young, it’ll be tough to call the band AC/DC. Then you factor in the fact that Phil Rudd isn’t in the band either, and it definitely seems like it’ll be more of an AC/DC tribute band than AC/DC proper. That being said, there was a point where the band was probably wondering if they could go on without Bon Scott. At least ticket holders are being given the opportunity to get refunds.

Check out the whole interview Stern did with Johnson below:



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