Weirdest Video Of The Week: Sepultura Members Attend Cavalera Conspiracy Show

Posted by on October 20, 2010


The history and feud between the Cavalera brothers and Sepultura is well documented. Lately, there’s been even more fuel added to the fire as Max has said in interviews that guitarist Andreas Kisser’s demand for money is preventing a reunion of the classic Sepultura lineup. Thus, with all this drama, seeing video of both parties actually interacting in some way is to say the least attention grabbing. This week, not one, but two videos that surfaced on the web this week fit this bill.

In the first video, a Brazilian news program called Jornal da Globo posted a news report of the SWU Music and Arts Festival at the Maeda Farm in Itú (about 43.5 miles away from Sãn Paulo) that took place on October 11. In this report is footage of Kisser and bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. watching Cavalera Conspiracy’s set from the audience. You can watch that particular clip above (the part in question hits at around the 1:20 mark).

The second clip, which can be seen below, features an interview Revista de Sábado conducted with Igor Cavalera (who left Sepultura in 2006). During the interview, current Sepultura singer Derrick Green is seen hugging Igor and standing next to him while Igor answers questions.

These videos may re-spark rumors of the classic Sepultura reuniting. But keep in mind, in addition to all of the trash talking (from both sides), Sepultura has just recently inked a new recording deal with Nuclear Blast and Cavalera Conspiracy is expected to release their sophomore album sometime next year. Besides, while Max has expressed interest, Kisser and the rest of Sepultura’s current lineup have not (at least publicly). So for now, let’s keep these meetings and public appearances marked as random (and a bit bizarre).


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