Watch KISS force interviewer to change his Iron Maiden shirt

Posted by on January 8, 2018

A behind-the-scenes video of a 2012 KISS interview for the Argentinean YouTube channel Vorterix recently went viral. In the clip, the musicians required the interviewer to take off his Iron Maiden T-shirt. Later, a KISS shirt was made available for the journalist to continue with the interview.

KISS tried to get the interviewer a KISS shirt to wear, but when they couldn’t find one, they made him flip his shirt inside out. The band made sure to point out that they had no ill will towards Iron Maiden, and Gene dropped the backhanded shade that they took out Maiden on their first tour. The entire scene is incredibly cringeworthy. Based on the video comments, many people disapprove while a few attempt to say it was a joke.


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