Watch Axl Rose take on a piano and (almost) lose

Posted by on August 8, 2016


Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Not in This Lifetime’ tour seems to be going amazingly well by all accounts. Most of those accounts are focused on comparing the shows to the Guns N’ Roses of the past – the band taking the stage hours late, fat Axl, etc. None of those things are happening this time out, though. Rose is slimmed down and hitting most of the notes that he’d strained to hit years ago. That doesn’t mean that everything’s perfect, though. On Friday’s show (5) at the NRG Stadium in Houston, the band’s performance of “November Rain” was marred by a piano. For some reason, midway through the performance, at around the 4:20 mark, the piano starts hitting high notes that no one is playing. Looking bemused at first, he stops the song, asking “what the fuck is that?”After a moment, he says “the piano is broken,” before continuing on with the song.

Later on in the song, Rose quips “I don’t mind ghosts or gremlins, but they should probably learn the fucking song.” That’s a marked difference from the Axl of old, who probably would’ve walked backstage and remained there. Only five dates remain of the tour in America, with a South American tour happening starting at the end of October after Rose’s dates with AC/DC wrap up.

[via Metal Hammer]

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