Video: Axl Rose Reminisces About Drinking With Slash In The Early Days

Posted by on October 17, 2011


While staying at the Hotel Sheraton in Asunción, Paraguay prior to Guns N’ Roses show this past Friday (October 14), Axl Rose took the time to chit chat with a few fans at the hotel’s bar. During their conversation, Rose reminisced about drinking and picking up girls with Slash back in the band’s early days. He even admitted to swooping in on Slash’s girls once the guitarist was passed out drunk. Luckily for us, fan filmed footage of the chat has been posted online and can be seen above.

Even though he talks about cock blocking an intoxicated Slash, this might actually be the nicest thing we’ve heard Axl say in regards to his former band mate. Remember when Axl Rose called Slash a “cancer” back in a 2009 interview published on Spinner? He even went as far as to say that Slash “either should not have been in Guns to begin with or should have left after Lies.” While we’re sure Axl still holds strong feelings against Slash, it’s still cool to watch Axl reminiscing about his time with the guitarist (and especially funny to hear his impersonation of Slash’s dates screaming).

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