Axl Rose denies retirement rumors, claims “I’m not going anywhere”

Posted by on May 22, 2014

axl no retirementWell that was fast. Shortly after rumors of Axl Rose’s retirement hit the web, Guns N’ Roses quickly took to Facebook to shoot down the gossip.

The above image of Axl and the text “I’m Not Going Anywhere” was uploaded to the band’s Facebook page. In case that wasn’t clear enough, they also included the caption “GNR fans sure have a Radar for BS! Love you all!” That’s a nice little jab at Radar Online, the gossip website that first reported on the rumor.

So there you have it, unless someone who really doesn’t want the singer to retire hacked his Facebook page, Axl Rose and his version of GN’R aren’t going away anytime soon. Does this mean we may get to actually hear new GN’R music next year, as a few current members recently insinuated? Well… you probably still shouldn’t hold your breath for that.

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