AC/DC with Axl Rose US dates announced; would you go?

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When we break down 2016 in hard rock and metal in about six months or so, the comeback of Guns N’ Roses will certainly rank among it’s biggest stories. But it’s only part of the story. In what first seemed like the most far-fetched rumor ever, singer Axl Rose announced that he’d be filling in on vocals with AC/DC after Brian Johnson had to sit out touring or face deafness (which is another one of 2016’s biggest stories). Rose’s ascension to the throne turned out to be a literal one, as a broken foot from GN’R’s reunion show meant he started off AC/DC’s tour on the wrong foot, so to speak. Given Axl’s behavior over the last 20-odd years, it could be expected that both the GN’R reunion and his stint with AC/DC could be a trainwreck. However, the 2016 version of Axl has by all accounts, been a triumphant comeback. Not only has he been on time, but he’s sounded better than he has in years with GN’R and done an excellent job with AC/DC as well.

Yesterday AC/DC announced the 10 rescheduled shows that will take place in the United States in August and September. This will likely be the final time that Axl performs with AC/DC, at least the way things are currently scheduled. And while the promise of seeing one of the most iconic bands in rock led by another of its most iconic singers seems like a can’t-miss, that hasn’t stopped many fans of Brian Johnson to cry foul. Indeed, apparently 7,000 fans in Belgium requested refunds. There are some people that think that if Brian isn’t singing, they’re not playing AC/DC. So with that in mind, we reached out to some bands and fans via Twitter to see if they planned on trying to catch the shows:

Beefcake the Mighty, GWAR: “I would go if the price isn’t sky high. I thought that Axl actually sounded pretty good singing for AC/DC, a,though his falsetto is a bit grating.

Jeramie King, Necromancing the Stone:  “I would totally go!!!! I think Axl is doing a great job!!! Kinda weird that he is sitting down and playing, he should be suspended by wires and hover the crowd the whole time. Maybe even throw out drink tickets or corn dogs?!?!”

Wills Weller, Toothgrinder: “I respect both AC/DC and Guns and Roses. But I’d be more inclined if it was Bon Scott or Brian Johnson performing with them. To me Axl Rose just doesn’t fit with AC/DC.”

Malika Sundaramurthy, Abnormality: “I heard about Axl joining up with AC/DC and I think it’s a very interesting alliance. I would definitely attend one of the shows on the US tour if I could somehow get tickets!”

Jarvis Leatherby, Night Demon: “If I am not on tour, I will do my best to attend one of these.  I’ve seen lots of footage online that actually sounds pretty good.  Axl seems to have his shit together more so than ever, but you never know what can happen, so yes I hope to catch one of these shows.”

Twitter user @rezeile“From what we’ve been hearing for the past few years, I think the band needs to retire and focus no their health. The novelty is nice and all, but the context of it makes me feel icky.”

Metal Insider contributor Jordan Jerabek: “I LOVE GnR, and I’m definitely into the batshit crazy Axl Rose side of things, so Chinese Democracy is a hit with me. Appetite defined rock n roll both sonically and in terms of lifestyle in a way that will never be touched, sniffed, or even looked at. The phrase “larger than life” always brings to mind GnR. It’s excess, and they evolved from heavy gritty sleaze to the over the top, ridiculously produced monster that put out an absurd double album that might as well have been a different band from what I understand to be much of Rose’s work/influence. To top it off, the fact that the guy kept the band going to the point where Chinese Democracy’s release was a long-running joke, and then somehow pulled off something even MORE ridiculously produced blows my mind. Guy has insane ambition and attention to detail. This guy wants his music to be blockbuster movie huge, and while he might not achieve that success critically or financially, it’s apparent the guy is trying.

I hate just about everything about AC/DC. Obnoxious dying-cat vocals and lyrics (“Whole Lotta Rosie,” ugh), utterly boring riffing and songwriting, Angus Young’s ridiculous attire and stage moves, it just doesn’t click with me. There’s bands that are equally as “fun” that can do what this band does better. I can understand why people dig it (most of which I attribute to when you first heard the band, friends of mine who got into them as teenagers have a very different view than myself), but to me this stuff is numbers 1-10 of a wasted karaoke singer’s favorite tracks.

That being said, having the legendary Axl Rose front this band makes no sense whatsoever. This is like pairing up James Cameron to direct the newest popcorn super hero reboot. Despite Axl’s abilities, it isn’t even enough for me to check it out considering it’s the same old AC/DC songs I already hate with a new coat of paint (and that paint might not even be that great anymore).”

So it seems like the verdict is split, but if you want to see Axl/DC, here’s where you’ll get your chance:

8/27 Greensboro, NC @ Greensboro Coliseum
8/30 Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ BB&T Center
9/01 Atlanta, GA @ Phillips Arena
9/04 Columbus, OH @ Nationwide Arena
9/06 Cleveland, OH @ Quicken Loans Arena
9/09 Detroit, MI @ The Palace
9/11  Buffalo, NY @ First Niagara Center
9/14  New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
9/17  Washington, DC @ Verizon Center
9/20 Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center

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