Vince Neil ruined the National Anthem

Posted by on March 31, 2015


If there’s one thing to be said about Vince Neil’s voice, it’s that it fits Motley Crue just fine. Granted, he might not be knocking it out of the park on the band’s final tour, but his somewhat nasal, yet high pitched voice fit the Crue to a T on their studio albums. Because he owns Arena Football team the Las Vegas Outlaws, he was tasked with performing the National Anthem to kick off the inaugural season at the Thomas & Mack Center.

While Neil’s style with the Crue is unmistakable, when he performed last night, he seemed to be influenced by the country tribute to the band that came out last year. Performing about an octave below his normal pitch, he affected somewhat of a southern drawl, rushing through the song and appearing to flub a line or two. The result was something that sounded neither like Motley Crue, a country song or anything remotely good. We’re not going to say it’s the worst performance of the National Anthem ever, but the terrorists have won. It starts at about the five minute mark in the video above.

[via Vice Sports]

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