In late October, Unique Leader will be releasing Hideous Divinity’s sophomore album, Cobra Verde. We’re proud to bring you the North American premiere of the video “The Alonest of the Alone,” a track featuring Nile’s Dallas Toler-Wade on vocals. The nine-track record is a concept album inspired by Werner Herzog’s 1987 film of the same name. And we can’t speak for the rest of the album, but this track slays. The album will also contain a cover of Ripping Corpse’s “The Last and Only Son.” Here’s what Toler-Wade said about his guest spot on the album:

 “It was awesome to get a chance to do some guest vocals on the record. Hideous Divinity is one of the most brutal bands out right now, and it’s a honor to be part of that brutality.”

Cobra Verde will be released on October 28 on Unique Leader, (a day earlier in the UK) and can be preordered here.