Video Premiere: Dead By Wednesday – “S.O.S.”

Posted by on October 5, 2020


Dead By Wednesday have teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere the video created by Alex Vazquez & AVArtdigital for their single, “S.O.S.” The group recruited Nick Bellmore (Dee Snider/Jasta) at Dexter’s lab Studios in Milford, CT, to produce and master the song. The track discusses in detail on the current struggles of people from across the globe. Whether it’s the COVID-19 pandemic, money, or controlled media, people need to share their message that it’s time to make a serious turning point in history for a positive change as drummer Opus comments: 

“I am super pumped on how this tune came out! In a refreshing original way, it also brings the band back to it’s angst roots with a bit of a throwback feel from DBW’s earlier days. This is even better because now we are legitimately pist! I think with the situation at hand happening for all musicians & for most people around the world, our frustrations are high & being thrown into our music as an outlet. That’s why it actually sounds angry. It’s because we are! We are now the product of our environment which is fucked up. We’ve also come to the realization of who & what we are as a band during this unwanted time off, so we went deep & went heavy! It’s fast, lean & mean, perfect for the times, shows brotherhood among different races, has a strong message, & none of it was intentional. I believe this tune will not only attract a whole new audience but I also feel like this will please some of the old school Dead By Wednesday fans as well. During this pandemic, we’ve been working hard on a new release & have about a half dozen new songs complete & recorded so far.” 

Watch the clip below and order the song here:





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