Update: More Video Of Hammett Vs. Child!

Posted by on November 16, 2010


By now, you’ve probably already watched the video of Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett accidently knocking out a little child standing on the side of the stage. Well, in case you want to see it again from a closer view and different angle, more video of the incident has popped up online.

But we’re not just writing a new post so we can watch the video again (though damn, Hammett knocks the kid out!). Blabbermouth has provided some updated tidbits about who the actual kid in the video is. Despite rumors that the toddler was James Hetfield’s son, new reports are claiming that it was the daughter of either Metallica’s production or tour manager. In addition, the child was reportedly not injured during the incident. Phew, knowing that the kid wasn’t hurt too badly makes me feel not as depraved for watching the video non-stop now.

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